[RESOLVIDO] Socorro Fabapp - Segurança dos dados GP Console

Acabo de receber o seguinte e-mail sobre meu app Ministério de Primeira e não sei o que fazer. Me ajudem por favor!


Hi Developers at C.C.Barrozo,

After a recent review, we found that your app Ministério de Primeira (br.com.app.uu1137445.uucdc632b1fb8fffb0ff4bbb32f462c598) is not compliant with one or more of our Developer Program Policies. See below for more information about your app’s status and how to correct the issue.

Publishing Status ### Status: Approved with Issues - Further Action Required

We found issues with your app. You need to review and take action as described below, so that your app is not impacted in the future.

### Issue found: Invalid Data safety form

We reviewed your app’s Data safety form in Play Console and found discrepancies between it and how the app collects and shares user data. All apps are required to complete an accurate Data safety form that discloses their data collection and sharing practices - this is required even if your app does not collect any user data.

We detected user data transmitted off device that you have not disclosed in your app’s Data safety form as user data collected.

Issue details

We found an issue in the following area(s):

  • SPLIT_BUNDLE 1080000: Policy Declaration - Data Safety Section: Device Or Other IDs Data Type - Device Or Other IDs (some common examples may include Advertising ID, Android ID, IMEI, BSSID)

About the Data safety section in Google Play User Data policy

Your app must be in compliance with this policy. If your app continues to be non-compliant after August 22, 2022, your app updates will be rejected and your app may face additional enforcement actions in the future.

Please make changes to align your app’s Data safety form with the app’s behavior. This can be done by either:

  • Updating your form in Play Console to declare collection of Data Types noted below; or
  • Removing unwanted functionality and attributable code that collects this user data from your app or libraries used in your app, and when applicable to deactivate all non-compliant APKs.
    • To deactivate non-compliant APKS, you can create a new release and upload a compliant APK to each track containing the non-compliant APKs.
    • Be sure to increment the APK version code. If using staged rollout, be sure to set the release to 100% rollout.

For helpful resources, you can:

Action required: Submit your app for another review

Here’s what to do to help get your app on Google Play:

  1. Make sure to read the applicable policies or requirements listed below:
  1. Make appropriate changes to your app (if possible), and be sure to address the issue described above. You may also want to check your app’s store listing for compliance, if applicable.
  2. Double check that your app is compliant with all other Developer Program Policies.
  3. If you made changes to your app bundle, store listing, or APK, please sign in to your Play Console and submit the update(s).

Contact support

If you’ve reviewed the policy and feel our decision may have been in error, please reach out to our policy support team. We’ll get back to you within 2 business days.

Learn More

Visit the Android Developers Blog to learn more about free tools and resources for building safe and successful apps.

Thanks for your continued support in helping to make Google Play a positive experience for both developers and consumers. We look forward to seeing an updated version of your app on Google Play.

Bom dia Claudio. Essa mensagem fala sobre a coleta de dados, acredito que você se esqueceu de informar algum dado que seu aparelho coleta, significa que seu app foi aprovado, mas você precisa corrigir este formulário;

Poderia verificar para mim se os “coletadores de dispositivos” estão marcados?

Se quiser, pode seguir este GIF que mostra um dos dados que os aparelhos coletam →

Qualquer dúvida é só chamar!

Acho que agora deve estar tudo OK. Vamos aguardar para ver! Obrigado!

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Bom dia Claudio, imagina! Qualquer dúvida, é só chamar!