Problemas na google play - APP SUSPENSO


Recebi esse comunicado da Google dizendo que meu app não foi aceito na loja. O que devo fazer para regularizar a situação?

Hi Developers at ThalesAPP,
After a recent review, we found that your app Thales Coutinho ( is not compliant with one or more of our Developer Program Policies. See below for more information about your app’s status and how to correct the issue.
Reasons of violation Issue with your app
Your app contains content that doesn’t comply with the Deceptive Behavior policy.

Issue details

We found an issue in the following area(s):

  • In-app experience: Please see attached screenshot
  • Privacy policy: Please see attached screenshot
    Reasons of violation\ 48xauto About the Deceptive Behavior policy
    We don’t allow apps that attempt to deceive users or enable dishonest behavior including but not limited to apps which are determined to be functionally impossible. Apps must provide an accurate disclosure, description and images/video of their functionality in all parts of the metadata. Apps must not attempt to mimic functionality or warnings from the operating system or other apps. Any changes to device settings must be made with the user’s knowledge and consent and be reversible by the user.
    Publishing Status\ 48xauto App status: Suspended
    Your app has been suspended and removed due to this policy issue.
    Action required: Publish a new compliant version of your app
    Here’s what to do to help get your app on Google Play:
  1. Read through the Deceptive Behavior policy for more details.

  1. If it’s possible to bring your app into compliance, make appropriate changes to your app. Specifically, make sure that the app’s title and description do not misrepresent the function of the app. In addition to addressing the issue identified above, you may also want to check your app’s store listing for compliance, if applicable.
  2. Double check that your app is compliant with all other Developer Program Policies.
  3. Sign in to your Play Console and submit the updated, policy compliant app using a new package name and a new app name.
    Please note that additional suspensions of any nature may result in the termination of your Google Play Developer account and related Google Play Developer accounts, as explained in our Enforcement Process. Learn more about policy review outcomes in our Help Center.
    Contact support
    If you’ve reviewed the policy and feel our decision may have been in error, please reach out to our policy support team. We’ll get back to you within 2 business days.
    Thanks for your continued support in helping to make Google Play a positive experience for both developers and consumers. We look forward to seeing an updated version of your app on Google Play.
    Please complete a two question survey to help us improve this experience.
    The Google Play Team
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@jeronimo.santos.lima tudo bem?

Podemos te ajudar com isso! Manda o link do seu app aqui para podermos abrir seu app e comparar com o motivo de suspensão indicado pela Google.

Lembrando que vc pode abrir um chamado para pedir ajuda personalizada com nosso time de atendimento. Basta clicar em SUPORTE localizado no topo do painel editor do seu app.


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